It’s Lauren @ itslaurendotcom

Meet the head-turning Instagrammer that makes us all say, yowsers!!! She’s voluptuous, gorgeous and jaw-droppingly sexy—but best of all, she’s got an unbelievable talent for creating glam transformations with makeup. She’s also a passionate photographer and blogger, keeping her readers up to date with her cutting-edge hair styles and beauty techniques.

Lauren’s makeup style is always super glamorous and radiant. She loves creating fun stare-worthy looks, complete with sparkles, perfect contours and plump lips. As one of her go-to methods, Lauren will use a neutral lip color with a subtle luster to enhance the natural sensuality of her mouth. She also loves to play up her eyes, creating an array of inspirational designs such as pink winged liner, Megan Fox eyes and frosty winter lids. With each creation, Lauren always delivers looks that are explosive with playfulness and beauty.

These creations are posted as video tutorials on her blog, itslaurendotcom. In each video, she delights viewers with her straight-forwardness and professionalism. And as a plus, her cute British accent doesn’t hurt either!

Yet her blog is not only limited to beauty tutorials. She also posts videos about her personal thoughts on health and wellness such as her recent video revealing her struggles with anxiety. In this post, Lauren shares her personal experiences with the condition and addresses the social challenges associated with it. She also unpacks the common misconception about people who seem happy all the time, explaining how this is not always the case.

As Lauren encourages us to take a more enlightened perspective on the matter of mental health, we can be more accepting and sensitive to this reality. In turn, we are invited to spread awareness and inspire others to become more tolerant and understanding as well.

This positive energy and confidence is celebrated all throughout her Instagram page. She posts empowering fitness photos and exquisite selfies with all the trimmings. Each photo beautifully captures her unique identity; she shows off her full sleeve tattoos, pearly white smile and sparkling spirit. Her willingness to share her individuality and pride marks a key value that women love to embrace.