Ever since RuPaul’s Drag Race, the beauty world exploded with boundary-breaking makeup. Leading the pack, Instagram star @isshehungry is winning over makeup-worshippers all over the world with his surreal looks. He embodies an image that is experimental and moving, exhibiting a new and distorted way of expressing drag.


For Hungry, makeup started out as a hobby and then became a mode of personal therapy.  By the time he moved to the UK, he was already fairly established in the Berlin scene, mostly because the drag community was small, but also because he brought something special. In London, he landed the title, ‘ethereal slag’ and started going for an extraterrestrial witch vibe in his makeup art. Upon returning to Berlin, Hungry continued this alternative aesthetic, known as ‘distorted drag’, reflecting all types of influences, from insect-like to godly.


In some of his recent experimentations, Hungry has been embracing an alien meets doll concept. Using prosthetics and unreal contouring skills, he turns his eyes into eerie black spaces, while his face remains mask-like and is embellished with gems and other fineries that seem embedded into the skin. He channels both the preciousness of the doll with the weirdness of the fictional creature, producing a style of drag makeup unlike anything you’ve ever seen!


And when it comes to costume creations, his dreams are the limit. In one of his looks, a fantasized version of a Victorian drag queen, he incorporates a Frankenstein-inspired black and white wig, neckline ruffles and lady gloves. Yet, the costume becomes gorgeously bizarre when he adds white claws and white geisha makeup. The entire picture is a golden example of Hungry’s randomly outlandish concepts.


This radical approach to drag is Hungry’s way of leaving his mark.  Not only is his work technically brilliant, but it makes us stop and stare. He’s one of those outstanding figures in the world of art, beyond a mere Instagram influencer– he’s a leader of a cultural movement. Reminding us how makeup has the power to bring people together, his work is one of those rare phenomenons that speaks a universal language of wow.