Purging the Creative Soul – Elina Liljeholm

If makeup comes from all walks of life, Elina Liljeholm is a trailblazing globetrotter. With her fearless and imaginative approach, this Swedish makeup artist/teacher is known for her groundbreaking technique. Yet, at the same time, Elina can still be a traditionalist with an unparalleled understanding of her basic makeup A,B,C’s. So whether you want vogue and edgy or fierce and alienesque, Elina’s work is a full-on reflection of the phrase “the sky’s the limit”!


Elina’s experimental work is deeply inspired by costume and fantasy. Many of her looks are reminiscent of magical folk creatures or the dark supernatural. However, she never abandons the fundamentals of makeup design, always staying loyal to the rules of flawless blending and brush work.


Collectively, Elina’s entire Instagram portfolio offers a wide bevy of  mesmerizing makeup ideas. A major feature in her range of looks is her clever eye and lip combos. Elina gives us burgundy smokey eyes and sexy vampiric lips or even more daringly, some metallic eye shadow paired with a devilish mauve pout. Through her dynamic portfolio, we can see how Elina expertly plays with the depth of color to create more expression.


Elina is also a design guru when it comes to brows. Full yet angular, she always executes the perfect brow with super-human-level precision. On occasion, Elina will try out bleached brows, revealing a strangely beautiful and high fashion feel. Other times, she’ll get more crafty, filling in her brows with sparkles for a whimsical statement. Then, as her finishing statement, Elina rocks different wigs, her little secret weapon, to compliment her makeup.


To learn more about Elina and her style, you can visit her YouTube channel at Elina Liljeholm. Her instructional videos make it clear that she’s a pro makeup educator.

Alternatively, you can check out her radical Instagram portfolio at www.instagram.com/creationsbyelina/ . If you’re interested in booking an appointment or any collaboration opportunities, you may contact her at elinaliljeholm@gmail.com.